Natural Hoof Care

Natural hoof care at Forget-Me-Not Farm is a whole horse approach. By emulating the non domestic horses lifestyle: mobility over varied terrain, socialization, free choice shelter, non processed feeds, organic hay, and “barefoot” trim which mimics the naturally sculpted hooves of the wild horse, horses live long, sound, productive lives.

Joshua going barefoot

Melody has been a farrier for over twenty years and has studied with several natural hoof practitioners. After attending conventional horseshoeing school and then working in the field she began to realize how the shod horse had many more health problems than her own horses which she kept barefoot. In researching this further she found that the shoeing of horses caused long term health and soundness problems with horses. Her own barefoot horses were supple, attuned and lived long productive lives. The other positive aspect of the barefoot horse is less environmental impact on the pasture and trail and a safer ride on pavement and rocks.

Melody trims for clients on and off the farm and also transitions horses from shod to barefoot. She has been successful in restoring soundness in founder, navicular, contraction, and other lameness issues with horses.

The following pictures show a shod horse, with extremely long and conracted hooves, being transitioned to barefoot.

Shoes coming off!Long unhealthy right hind hoofBeginning to trim    trimmed hoof